personal care

With over 10 different hand cleansers and sanitisers to choose from, Dominant has a product to suit every need and application.

  • AQIS approved product – Aquista
  • Heavy duty hand cleansers for use in factories and workshops
  • Everyday, economical hand cleansers
  • Instant, waterless hand cleansers – Mia Kleer & Saniclear
  • Hands and shower cleansers suitable for all over the body

star system

Dominant’s Star System dispenser and sealed pods is the no-fuss, convenient and safe option for hand soaps. The wall mounted dispenser can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, showers and workshops for ease of use and a controlled dose, meaning less wastage.

Each pod comes filled with hands soap, individually wrapped and sealed and is easily placed into the dispenser when needed.


Our hand cleansers come in a range of sizes, depending on the particular product.

  • Star System Pods – 4 x 750ml
  • 10L (2 x 5L)
  • Mia Kleer & Saniclear – 500ml, 75ml