Each environment requires different dishwashing needs depending on the size of the business and the equipment used.

manual dishwashing

  • General use dishwashing detergents
  • Odourless and colour-free dishwashing detergents
  • Antibacterial dishwashing detergents

machine dishwashing

  • Dishwasher Liquid Detergents - chlorinated and non-chlorinated
  • Dishwasher Powder
  • Rinse Aids
  • Glass washing detergent
  • Antibacterial Dishwasher Powder
  • Descalers

bright dispensing system

  • Highly concentrated formulations
  • Lightweight 5L packaging with minimal bottle change over
  • Non-dangerous formulations
  • Packaging utilises Dominant's proprietary Protekta™ Cap, a no-touch system ensuring staff are never exposed to the products
  • Product labels and caps are colour coded. Bottle change over is foolproof, ensuring correct products are used every time