OH&S compliance

Dominant can assist in compliance with OH&S requirements in a number of ways. By providing a range of non hazardous products dispensed by a range of feeders. Many of these products also use the Protekta Cap system to further reduce risk.

Dominant is also moving to smaller pack sizes to reduce manual handling hazards.

protekta cap

The Protekta Cap System comprises an insert fitted into the bottle with built in dip tube and a connector fitted to the feeder or pump. When the connector is fitted to the drum it allows product to flow. As soon as it is disconnected the pick up is sealed.

colour coded system

The Colour Coded System uses a combination of colours and letters to identify different product groups. The colour codes are also on the product labels, dispensing bottle labels and SDS.

dispensing bottles

Chemical resistant labels are available for use with products that are normally decanted for use. These labels include full use and safety directions and comply with OH&S labelling requirements. The colour code is also prominent.

OH&S risk assessment

Dominant can assist in carrying out risk assessments with provision of documents to assist in the process.

Forms are also available as a starting point in carrying out the risk assessment. These show some common hazards and methods of reducing the risk.

It is important to assess how the products are actually used on site as part of the risk assessment.


Dominant Representatives can also carry out chemical audits on site. These audits check the SDS status, hazard register, storage of products, labelling of products and provision of PPE. They can also be used to review the range to see if it can be reduced, or less hazardous products substituted. Written reports are prepared for your records.