Dominant Representatives carry out regular checks on your dishwasher to ensure it is working to its optimal level. You will receive a written report for your records.

Your representative will also check the detergent feeder, change tubes and carry out minor repairs. If additional work is required they will send a request for one of our feeder technicians to resolve the problem.


Dominant representatives also carry out checks in the laundry to ensure the washing process is performing at its optimal level. Written laundry reports are completed and provided for your records.

Your representative will also check any laundry feeder fitted making sure the pump tubes are still pliable and working correctly.

laundry audits

Audits can be carried out to check for compliance to AS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice and a report issued.

The audit will check layout, operating procedures, signage, temperature monitoring and wash programs.

The auditor can also test washed fabrics and cleaned laundry contact surfaces for bacteria using Petri Films.

hygiene monitoring – proclean swabs

Protein swab tests indicate the hygiene level after cleaning by detecting residuals of protein which can be left behind after inadequate cleaning.

The swabs are assessed after 10 minutes using a colour scale and are rated as satisfactory, borderline or unsatisfactory.

hygiene monitoring
– petri films

Petri Films are used in the laundry to measure the number of bacteria on washed linen.

The films are pressed onto the fabric and then closed up and incubated for 72 hours.

The number of colonies shown as red spots are counted to check for compliance with AS 4146:2000.